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Ionosil Colloidal Silver

Ionosil Colloidal Silver, is a water disinfection product that effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and single-celled parasites such as protozoa like amoeba and plasmodium (malaria).

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Lignisul MSM

Lignisul MSM supplements the body with methyl and organically bound sulfur. Lignisul MSM helps the body to repair itself at the cellular level. The body is given the right nutrition to perform biologically important work.


The glucosamine product marketed by Ion Silver is GLUKO/MAX. It is a 100% pure glucosamine sulfate product without any other additives. Glucosamine is viewed as important nutrition for the body to handle and counteract various wear and tear processes. The product is sold by dealers in the horse and dog segment.

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Alavis MSM

Alavis MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) can be used by most animals. The most common users are horses, dogs and cats, but other animals such as cows may benefit from the subject. MSM provides the body with methyl and organically bound sulfur.
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