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About us - Ion silver AB

Ion Silver was founded in 2001 by Anders Sultan. After Anders read about colloidal silver online in the
90's and understood what potential it would have, he wanted to make it available in Sweden. Anders
idea and vision has today resulted in Ion Silver AB, today being the largest manufacturer of colloidal
silver in the Nordic countries. There is constantly new products added to the company’s line of
products. All products have been developed with the intention of being the best and purest in the
The focus of Ion Silver AB is that of a sustainable future where people would have a clear right to
benefit from efficient and harmless products.
Jan Welitz, E-bags, joined a Swedish Facebook group discussing colloidal silver in May 2017. The
group had at that time approximately 40.000 members who shared their, and their pet’s health
effects of colloidal silver. Among many of the testimonials, Jan noticed that Ion Silver’s products had
many trustworthy recommendations and his choice was simple. Jan started himself to use Ion Silver’s
products. After a short time Jan and his wife Larisa, noticed health benefits, and also that the
Facebook group had grown to almost 50.000 members. Jan's dream of combining his health with
business has now resulted in E-bags proudly distributing Swedish quality products.

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